The Smoothie Diet Review: Should You Try 21 Day Clear Weight Loss And Fat Loss Plan?

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Smoothies are pure love! Ask the people who are trying to lose weight or who are always on their feet and they will confirm it. They’re quick and easy, and very filling. When done right, they are delicious too.
But how do you properly incorporate them into your diet to get the most out of them? If you were wondering about this, Drew Sgoutas’ smoothie diet may be able to help.
This e-book is a compilation of the healthiest smoothies you can consume for weight loss. So is it just another recipe book? No, it’s much more than that. It is a customized 21 day smoothie weight loss program.

But does it work? Find out in our Smoothie Diet Review.

Smoothie Diet Review: Overview of the Program

Smoothies are a great way to cut down on your overall caloric intake and feel full all the time. This means that if you can include smoothies in your diet, it can be a great tool for weight loss.
The Smoothie Diet is a digital program that will get you in shape in just three weeks – with just smoothies.

The balance of nutrients and the schedule for consumption will help you with this.
When we talk about smoothies, we mean lots of natural herbal gifts. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, phytonutrients, antioxidants, fibers, etc. and contain almost no fat.

Overall, they’re healthy, tasty, and filling – the three properties that will complement your weight loss perfectly. So a smoothie diet can be an excellent start to a lifelong journey of mindful eating.
If you follow a diet plan that replaces 2-3 of your daily meals with smoothies on a well-researched schedule, you can –

  • Lose fat and reduce weight
  • Reduce your chances of getting chronic illness
  • Limit Your Exposure To The Toxicity Of The Standard American Diet
  • Get a Natural Way to Healthy Skin and Hair

The Smoothie Diet is a program that will help you understand how to use smoothies perfectly to start your fitness journey. Plus, they’re super easy to make and take with you.

Pros and Cons of Smoothie Diet Review:


  • Low calorie smoothie meals made with natural ingredients
  • Makes shopping easier with shopping lists
  • Quick and easy preparation and consumption of meals
  • Significant weight and fat loss in less than a month
  • Excellent way to improvise your skin, hair, and body


  • Diet high in carbohydrates, although everything is complex and natural
  • Must begin mindful eating habits to maintain diet results
  • Only available for sale on the official website

Diet, in fact, makes a drastic change in your body by reducing calories and fat. But you need to make sure you are getting some lean protein and good fats to prevent muscle wasting and to get your metabolism going.
You also need to remember that replacing all meals with a liquid diet for the rest of your life is not viable. That doesn’t mean you can get back to your toxic eating habits right after the program.

If you don’t follow a healthy eating plan, you will gain the fat back. But that’s normal for any diet plan. You cannot consider either of them a quick route to a life of fitness.
As with any short-term diet plan, the smoothie diet requires mindful eating. If you notice weight gain, you can go back to dieting.

What is the Smoothie Diet? Is it Real

The Smoothie Diet is a digital plan created by Drew Sgoutas, a well-respected health coach. He would like to help reduce sugar and fat consumption and reduce your caloric intake with this diet.

The program shares an individual plan to replace some of your solid meals with smoothies made from natural ingredients. These meals can have a transformative effect on your body in three weeks.

With the right ingredients and serving sizes included in a well-thought-out eating plan, you can lose weight easily. The Smoothie Diet’s 21 Day Diet Plan will help.
A weight loss journey can be a confusing and intimidating concept, and Drew, a certified health coach with expertise in nutrition, understands this. To make things easier, he created the Smoothie Diet.

He wants to help you understand the importance of preparing meals with “real” ingredients and skipping all of the processed foods we are used to consuming. Such processed foods are unhealthy and fattening.

The smoothie diet incorporates the same approach that Drew takes with both his clients and his personal life. This has helped thousands achieve exceptional results in a short period of time.

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Ingredients of the Smoothie Diet – What’s in it?

The Smoothie Diet is more than just a digital book of smoothie recipes. It includes weekly shopping lists, a 21-day schedule, daily preparation details, a detox plan, and a guide. If you are familiar with the 28 Day Keto Challenge, you will know exactly what you are getting into.
The smoothie diet package includes:

  • 3-week weight loss and health improvement program
  • 36 smoothie recipes to replace solid meals
  • Shopping lists for every week
  • Preparation guide with tips for making smoothies
  • 3-day detox program prior to the 21-day plan
  • Quick guide that summarizes everything in a quick list

Everything will be in digital format so that you can access all information with your PC, phone or any mobile device, no matter where you are. So when you travel, you can take everything with you.
This also means that you don’t have to wait weeks for the physical copies of the books to arrive. If you need a hard copy of the information, all you need to do is print a copy of the Quick Start Guide.

Laboratory tests to demonstrate the effectiveness of the smoothie diet
Studies show that visceral belly fat can cause life-threatening conditions like lung disease, fatty liver disease, and more. Understandably, weight loss and fat loss are essential to a healthy body.
Experts say that eating right is a more important and healthy solution to good health than exercise. So what could be the best way to start a better and healthier fitness journey from eating healthy and natural foods?

There have been extensive studies to support the consumption of fruits and vegetables for health reasons. Green smoothies have a protective effect on our body, while fruit smoothies provide energy and fullness.
The WHO suggests consuming five servings of fruits and vegetables. This is because their health benefits can range from reducing cancer risk to protecting against cataracts. They can even change your skin.

Studies have also shown the importance of fruits and vegetables in weight loss. The smoothie diet is clearly not a shortcut to weight loss. It’s a science-based approach to healthy living.

Shipping, Returns and Refunds

Because The Smoothie Diet is an entirely digital program, no components will be shipped to you. You will have access to the program within a few minutes after receipt of payment.
This gives you the opportunity to begin the program right away. You can shop for the week on the day of purchase and start the next day! Download the Smoothie Diet PDF files and print anything you need like a book.

If you are not satisfied with the program and don’t see any results, you can request a refund within 60 days of your purchase. This makes it risk free and shows that Drew believes his program will work.

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How does the smoothie diet work?

The smoothie diet shows results in just 21 days with healthy results. You need to start with a 3 day detox before embarking on the actual 21 day program. This will help flush out any toxins and prime your body.

Then begin your three-week journey, replacing two solid meals a day with smoothies made from fresh and natural ingredients.The third meal should be a very low calorie meal of your choice.
The program suggests that you take a cheat day every week, although there is a recommended list of foods each day. You can repeat the plan anytime you feel like you have gained weight.
What do you need to eat during this program? The ingredients of the smoothies that you will consume during the program will focus on fruits and vegetables. They also contain some proteins and healthy fats.

The guidelines will help plan that only low-calorie solid meal of the day. The program offers whole foods recipes and recommendations for low-sugar, high-fiber snacks.
When you eat fresh fruits and vegetables and add low-calorie meals with lean protein and good fat, you cut the toxins of processed foods from your diet. You also stop consuming unhealthy foods.

Thus, this plan will help address diet and lifestyle problems, and reverse the adverse effects long-term consumption of unhealthy meals has had on your body, from obesity to diabetes.
The diet can bring your daily caloric intake to just 1200 calories. If you eat three low-calorie meals a day, including two 400-calorie meals, you are sure to experience dramatic weight loss.
In addition, smoothies are loaded with fiber and high in good carbohydrates, fructose, vegetable proteins, etc. So they curb your cravings for food and keep you full longer.

The smoothie diet begins with a series of good habits and nutritional changes in your diet and lifestyle. Thus, factors that contribute to disease are eliminated and symptoms of health conditions are alleviated.
It is impossible for a diet plan to have a lifelong effect on your body if you don’t make an effort to maintain your weight and shape. The program teaches you to include smoothies in your normal diet.

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How to Use the Smoothie Diet

Before starting the smoothie diet program, you’ll need to go through a three day detox plan that involves replacing all three fixed meals of the day with smoothies.
Once the 21 day plan begins, consume smoothies twice a day to replace meals for breakfast and lunch during the third meal, i.e. H. The dinner that contains solid foods. You can have some filling snacks too.

Do not worry; There is a lot of room for change. You can have a flexible day that you can have a smoothie instead of two so you don’t get bored or cravings.
Some users even go so far as to replace all three meals of the day with smoothies, although doing so can result in a lack of required proteins and fats. You can repeat the cycle at any time.
You also need to remember that this is only the beginning of a long journey. This program only lasts a few weeks. After that, you need to keep eating healthy, healthy, low-calorie foods.

Who should use this diet? Who shouldn’t?

The importance of smoothies with fresh fruits and vegetables is undisputed. So the smoothie diet is an excellent plan for those looking to begin a weight loss journey.
They can play a very important role in adding nutrients to the diet of people who are always on the go. Smoothies can help those who skip breakfast or eat unhealthy meals outdoors.

Smoothies can be loaded with some quick carbohydrates before you work out. They promote weight loss by keeping you full longer. Hence, they are perfect for binge eating.
Interestingly, the digital book has a section for kids! Yes, you can improve your child’s diet with the help of smoothies, and the smoothie diet will show you how to do it right.

But who should stay away from the smoothie diet? Since smoothies are made from natural ingredients, anyone with food allergies must be careful about following this diet plan.
It is a good idea to consult a doctor or a nutritionist if you suspect you are allergic to any of the suggested ingredients in the menu.
You should also consult your doctor or nutritionist if you are diabetic or have other health problems that limit your consumption of certain foods.

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Side effects of the smoothie diet

Since the main ingredients of smoothies are fruits and vegetables, you can suffer from nutritional deficiencies if you follow this plan for several months after the 21-day program.
Since this is a liquid diet, there is a possibility that you may encounter reduced energy levels. The drastic change in diet can also cause dizziness, nausea, difficulty concentrating, headaches, diarrhea, etc.

Long-term consumption of liquid smoothies can lead to muscle wasting. You can also develop gallstones or digestive problems if you follow a liquid diet for several months.
You can also develop an unhealthy relationship with solid foods if you stop exercising with healthy habits of portion control, timing of meals, coping with hunger pangs, etc.
Hence, it is important to follow the guidelines for 21 days to get good protein and fats along with other nutrients. Finally, you should get back to solids and eat healthy.

How to Buy the Smoothie Diet & Search Deals

The smoothie diet can always be purchased only from the official website. The platform uses ClickBank as a payment platform. This means that you get a secure gateway.
The entire package costs $ 47. However, if you access the site at the right time, you may be able to take advantage of a $ 10 discount, which brings the price down to $ 37.
Once you have completed the payment, you will have access to the digital book. No hard copy will be sent to your mailing address and you can use the e-books straight away.

Smoothie Diet Reviews: Final Thoughts – Should You Buy It?

Are you planning to eat healthily and lose weight but don’t know where to start? The smoothie diet can be a healthy and nutritious way to start your journey.
It is a quick and easy plan to lose weight and fat and completely transform your body in a short time. That’s not all. It can also change your lifestyle and introduce good eating habits.
The 21-day plan includes two meal replacement smoothies and a low-calorie solid meal to get your weight loss journey rolling. It can reverse the harmful effects of toxic foods on your body.

At the end of the 21-day plan, the program will help you carefully switch to a sustainable eating plan with fixed meals. It also contains smoothies to help maintain the new body you gain from this diet.
Even if it doesn’t work for you, you can ask for a refund. Hence, a safe option is to try a lifestyle change that involves understanding the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables. Overall, it’s a must see.

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