The Smoothie Diet Review

The smoothie diet is a great tool that can transform the way you look at smoothies. These days, when it comes to smoothie recipes and juicing, you can find a plethora of assortments almost everywhere. However, not all of these products available on the market today are effective and most of them are just fads. What is special about this diet is that it includes every aspect of health.

This ranges from your fitness to your overall lifestyle, your eating plan, your diet and much more. While this program really does involve smoothies, it doesn’t rule out some other factors that are critical to sustained weight loss, higher energy levels, and of course a much better lifestyle. As long as you love smoothies, you may have just found the ultimate solution to losing weight and improving your lifestyle.

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What is the Smoothie Diet?

The Smoothie Diet is a 21-day diet program that will help you lower your overall sugar intake by consuming fresh smoothies daily. The aim is to influence the sensitivity and production of insulin and blood sugar and to achieve sustainable weight loss. To say the program is just a system for smoothies and juices is really an understatement.

It’s a comprehensive guide to changing your fitness, diet, and overall life. The system is packed with essentials that you need to do just that. The programs contain various components. All of this gives you access when purchasing the program.

This includes the main guide, smoothie schedule, shopping lists, recipe cards, daily diary, healthy eating guide, and exercise plan. You can easily and effectively see that everything is taken care of in the system. From your grocery shopping to making smoothies to your diet plan, your progress, and your clean eating habits.

It also comes with different recipes to make sure everyone can use it. That being said, there are free additional guides that include diabetes -friendly recipes, smoothies for kids, and gluten-free recipes. It is worth noting that the program not only includes smoothies, but also offers meal plans for a healthier eating habit.

The best thing about the program is that the entire system is available online. This means you don’t have to pay for shipping or wait for your order to arrive. All you need to do is log into your account and download all of the content by downloading it to your PC, laptop or mobile device.

Who is Drew Sgoutas?

The amazing Smoothie diet program was designed by Drew Sgoutas. He is a board certified nutrition expert and health coach. Aside from that, he’s also extremely passionate about eating and cooking real foods with real ingredients. Our modern world has already forgotten this over time. When it comes to personal and professional expertise, Drew Sgoutas holds both of them with extreme passion. These properties can also be seen throughout the program.

What Can You Learn From The Smoothie Diet Program?

The smoothie diet is a repeatable 21-day beneficial diet program. The aim is to reduce sugar consumption and increase weight loss. Each week you will receive a weekly shopping list that you will need for the entire week. You will also receive instructions for your smoothie recipes and a daily smoothie calendar. This will help you plan and plan your meals in advance. A three-day detox is optional. You can repeat the program as many times as you want.

Allows you to calculate the best calorie insufficiency
You can’t lose weight if you don’t have the right calorie deficit. It will not be enough to just guess the number of calories and swallow several glasses of smoothies. It is important that you include the calorie formula that includes your height, current weight, and age so that you can get the ideal calorie deficit before starting the program.

Daily meal replacement
This program also offers daily meal replacement. The ideal plan is to find an alternative for a meal or two a day using one of the smoothie recipes. The type of meal you want to drink is entirely up to you. Your other foods are solid foods based on the recipe list and recommended foods. The non smoothie diet recipes included in the program are Brown Rice & Black Bean Bowl, Bell Pepper Tacos and Balsamic Chicken Salad. It also includes recipes like carrot pasta salad, strawberry quinoa spinach salad, and apple spinach brown rice salad.

Teach them to prepare for your weekly consumption
You will be making numerous smoothies over the next three weeks. To make the diet program more affordable, convenient and effective, the program provides you with a grouped shopping list for each week and each smoothie. The shopping list contains the things you need for a smoothie. However, a shopping list was also recommended where you can buy anything you need for the entire week.

While this might not seem like a big deal, the main reason behind diet failure is because you are running out of recommended foods. If so, stare at a bag of your favorite potato chips for a few minutes. So it’s best to follow the weekly shopping recommendation so you don’t run out of recipes.

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1.Snacks between meals
Aside from the whole foods and smoothies, you need to have a small snack that is not only low in sugar but also high in fiber. Most snacks are between 150 and 200 calories. The program provides a full list of snacks that you can use as a guide.

2.Realistic weight loss
Based on research, this program will give realistic weight loss of approximately two to three pounds per week. During the smoothie diet program, it is possible that you will increase your weight loss. However, it could be very challenging for most of the schedule. Several users have lost around 50 to 70 pounds after several diet plan cycles. It is just not very realistic to expect that you will lose 50 pounds in just two weeks on the program. If weight loss is your ultimate goal, it would take several cycles to repeat the program.

3.Quick start guide
While it is not recommended to go straight into your daily diet and skip the core guide, you can always do so if you want. This guide will give you quick access to your daily planner. The guide shows smoothies with different functions for a specific day.

4.Cheat Day every week
The smoothie diet program features a weekly cheat day.So, be sure to use it to your advantage. While you’re on the program, you will crave sugar, especially for the first week. Planned cheating day helps in alleviating mental fatigue. Research has shown that a cheating day can help stabilize essential hormone management while dieting.

5.Smoothie diet core design
The program provides the core principle of the smoothie diet program. It also provides nutritional information that dispels various myths and mistakes about weight loss. The main guide contains detailed recipes and shopping lists for all smoothies.

6.Optional three day detox
This is optional but very useful as it allows you to flush unwanted toxins out of your body. It also maximizes your organs, which are important for weight loss and supporting your metabolism. If you are eating processed and fast foods before starting the program, the detox is an excellent primer before proceeding with the smoothie diet program.

7.Premium options
Individual coaching by email

If you need more personalized advice on your daily calorie intake, smoothies, and meals, email coaching is available.

The pros and cons of the smoothie diet


  • The program provides comprehensive meal preparation guidelines
  • It contains different variations of smoothie recipes
  • The program offers a daily smoothie planner
  • It comes with an optional three day detox plan
  • The program offers a cheat day for each week


  • This smoothie program may not be suitable for people with food allergies
  • Making smoothies every day can be tedious and time consuming

Does the Smoothie Diet Program Work?

This is really very helpful as it allows you to eat right anywhere, anytime. When you download the system to your smartphone, you have infinite access to the system. In addition to comfort, you can keep up with your healthy and natural eating habits. This is a must to try the program, but in order for it to really work you will need to invest your time and effort.


Because the smoothie diet program offers a sustainable way to lose weight that includes 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise. The program contains everything you need to comply with the guidelines. If after a few weeks of following the program you find that it is not working for you, you can return the product and request a refund. The program has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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