SaleHoo Review – Prices, Products, Pros and Cons

The competition in the e-commerce industry is fierce. Choosing the right viable and marketable product is becoming increasingly difficult, and the challenge of finding the right suppliers who can get the best possible price for those products is becoming increasingly difficult.

Worse still, online searches result in more scammers than actual providers, resulting in frustration and wasted time and resources. This article will provide you with an in-depth roundup of Salehoo and how successful the Salehoo wholesale direct mail order directory is. Finding Salehoo reviews online is easy, but finding a decent one is difficult. Salehoo is my first recommendation among other drop shipping companies to start their own Amazon FBA or drop shipping company. Now let’s jump straight into the details to find out why I recommend this.


Salehoo Overview

SaleHoo was founded in 2005. It started in Christchurch, New Zealand where it grew and became one of the leading drop shipping and wholesale directories on the internet.

Since its inception, SaleHoo has grown into a directory that includes over 8,000 dropshipping wholesalers and suppliers. The companies themselves sell more than a million branded products for sale to paying SaleHoo members.

SaleHoo is a directory service, not a manufacturer. Essentially, it provides a database for people looking for items to market to their customers. Although SaleHoo is based in New Zealand, the company has set up a service that covers a number of countries including China, the UK, Canada and the US.

SaleHoo will help you grow your income and sales by giving you access to all the tools and contacts needed to be successful in wholesale and dropshipping. You can communicate with suppliers from different industries and access the best selling goods available in each category.

Plus, you don’t have to go through the tedious process of going through and testing wholesale suppliers. SalesHoo did that for you. All you have to do is get in touch with the suppliers who have the products you want to sell and start building the relationship.

How does SaleHoo work?


When you find a product that you want to sell and a manufacturer that will give you the best possible benefit, get in touch and set up a supply chain. All suppliers provide their contact details as well as important parts of their business minimum order numbers, time it takes to ship on the SaleHoo platform.

Finding a wholesaler on popular search engines like Google is not that quick. And while you were lucky enough to find her, you need to go deeper to find her contact information. SaleHoo speeds up the process of submitting suppliers. You can easily discover the latest items and the prices they sell on popular ecommerce platforms. You can also compare the goods with the manufacturers who store them to make sure you are getting only the best prices. If you feel comfortable with them, you should contact them immediately.

Salehoo price review

Salehoo offers one-year access for a flat rate of $ 67. You can purchase lifetime access for $ 127.


Salehoo’s pricing and features are considered very competitive in the marketplace. Worldwide Brands, one of Salehoo’s biggest competitors, has an extensive catalog of over 16 million wholesale merchandise. Worldwide Brands membership, however, costs $ 299.

Refund warranty

In addition, Salehoo offers a 60-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. All you need to do is send an email to with your receipt number for up to 60 days (including the 60th). You will then get your money back.

Salehoo Products Review

Salehoo’s one-year access will cost you $ 67.

Dropship suppliers

Salehoo offers you the opportunity to acquire over 1,000 reliable suppliers for dropshipping. Each of these suppliers has been vetted and tested by Salehoo so you can be sure they can be trusted. There are situations where people don’t use someone like Salehoo and go straight to the supplier to find out they are illegitimate and this is where money can be lost.

You can get the following details by checking suppliers:

  • Contact information
  • Product selection
  • Quality of goods
  • Customer service reviews
  • Where they ship to
  • How they ship their goods

Anything you want to sell there is likely to be a supplier who can supply those products. Salehoo has suppliers of common product categories such as clothing, jewelry, shoes and antiques.

If you are selling domestically or if you are heading for a foreign market, Salehoo can help. If you are in a country where there are not many suppliers, you can use overseas dropshipping to expand your business internationally.

Salehoo is great for beginners as it helps you filter suppliers based on minimum order quantities. Many suppliers deliver very small or even zero minimum orders. When you’re just starting out, it’s important to keep an eye on them. Additionally, you want to stay away from suppliers who pay a registration fee to get started. Currently, around 70% of suppliers do not sell gravity products to them.

Wholesale suppliers

Salehoo provides you with over 8,000 trusted wholesale suppliers and you can view all the required information from these suppliers.

As you can see in this picture, Salehoo has a wide variety of wholesale suppliers. All of the products from the companies listed below are offered at real wholesale prices that allow you to make a profit on reselling them. Sellers using Salehoo want to sell their branded items on their website as well as on ecommerce marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and Etsy.

When it comes to sourcing wholesale products, you want to be more specific than drop shipping because the products are shipped to you. With just a few clicks you can search for suppliers in your country as well as companies that deliver to your location. In addition, you can also view their minimum order values and products. This method is much easier than doing a thorough search on Google.


Market research

In the pricing graph above, you might have looked at this and asked what the market research lab is. Salehoo tracks the 1.6 million products in its directory to help you find a market that is popular and possibly the most lucrative.

While this will depend on the location you’re selling to and the currency, the numbers are fairly accurate. This can be frustrating if you just find a new product to learn that thousands of other stores have already started selling that product. To counteract this, Salehoo uses “selling costs” and price data to identify under-competitive goods. They also ensure that you stand out from the crowd and become special in an otherwise competitive marketplace. In addition, you can also access monthly sales reports to see the seasonal patterns ahead of your competitors. This will also greatly help you avoid losing money on wasted inventory.

Finally, you can save and report on potential products based on:

  • competition
  • How often is this product listed
  • Sales rate
  • price
  • trend

Training & support

Since Salehoo is geared towards helping ecommerce entrepreneurs early on in their journey, it is important that they get their training and support right.

If you look at the salespeople chat online, it’s clear that Salehoo has excellent customer service. Support is available via live chat and can be accessed Monday through Friday from 5:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. by phone and email. It is Eastern Standard Time. They also offer very quick assistance through their Facebook and Twitter pages.

One improvement that should be included in the support provided by Salehoo is that they should help their users find products when those products are not listed. This service is currently available at Worldwide Brands.

Salehoo’s support area is also excellent with 50 step-by-step guides and videos. Knowing that most of its buyers want to sell on eBay and Amazon, Salehoo has provided a number of buying guides on these websites as well.

Ultimately, when it comes to help Salehoo has a great online community of sellers who are always on hand to offer advice. There are over 60,000 items on the website for sales strategies, trends, and supplier feedback.



Salehoo’s dashboard is very easy to use. There are three elements that are essential to any salesperson: salesperson, goods, and training. They are all integrated and conveniently available via the dashboard. Second, you can save all of your suppliers for future use. Since you want to develop relationships with these companies, it is important that you don’t always have to find out their details.

This is also where you can hold all of your meetings with your suppliers. You will be informed when you receive a message or order from them. You can also check your message history and send messages right from your dashboard.

As mentioned earlier, Salehoo also offers guides and training for selling on markets like eBay and Amazon. You can monitor your progress in your dashboard and jump in and out of the modules with the click of a button.

You can also monitor your interactions with other providers through a dashboard forum. Salehoo has a very dedicated group that gives advice and uses it over the long term.


Salehoo Resources Review

Free tutorial

The “Free Instructions” segment shows you teaching material for using the SaleHoo platform. This place is recommended to look for if you are having trouble getting used to it. The guide segment covers topics like eBay and Amazon sales, choosing the best product to sell, starting an online store, etc.


SaleHoo provides a group forum where you can enter and connect with other, more experienced users. The forum offers a number of articles and guides. You can also ask questions from people who will help you simplify your experience on the platform.

Customer service

While there is a training module to help you get around, if you need further guidance or have a problem, you have a number of options:

Live chat

Once you get to your SaleHoo page you can access a live chat feature. To access the tool, click the “Chat with SaleHoo Expert” button. Note, however, that this option is not always available. As the company’s contact page shows, they are available for 12 hours on weekdays. You only have access to a 24-hour live chat on weekends.

Contact forms and email

This is probably the best way to get in touch with SaleHoo. Go to the Contact Us tab and you can speak to them directly via email. However, it may take a while to get your answer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Salehoo

Benefits of Salehoo

Customer Service – You can quickly search for “Salehoo Customer Support” and you will have a hard time coming up with a negative word about it. Lots of ways to get in touch with them and good opening hours are important for sellers who are just starting out.

Brands – As mentioned above, Salehoo has some great brands such as Disney, Lego, Adidas, and Sony.

Providers – Both providers have been vetted so you can be sure you will not be scammed. Once you’ve decided to find your own suppliers, it can create complications.

Training – I wasn’t expecting this in the Salehoo study, but the training area is great. They took the time to understand their customers, monitor issues on their community page, and put together detailed guides and videos to guide them.

No Hidden Fees – You pay a one-time fee of $ 67 per year and there are no hidden fees. You may end up paying a filing fee to a manufacturer, but know that beforehand.

Money Back Guarantee – You have 60 days to try Salehoo and get a full refund, no questions asked, if you want.

Low Minimum Order Quantities – This is a huge benefit for people who turn to wholesalers especially. You may have bought storage space and ran out of space to begin with, or you may not want to spend too much money. Salehoo easily removes this by providing low minimum order quantities.

Market Research – Salehoo’s business research is fantastic. You can spot consumer patterns, take advantage of seasonal merchandise, and assess the level of competition to ensure you’re making the right calls.

Cons of Salehoo

Marketplace Fees – Salehoo recognizes that many of its buyers will use eBay and Amazon to sell their goods. After you’ve bought a good from a wholesaler or drop shipper and then sold it to one of those customers, the profit margin may not be high. Third-party platforms charge sales fees that negatively impact your revenue.

Branding – not just for Salehoo itself, but above all for all wholesalers. Since you are selling someone else’s goods, it is difficult to develop your company’s brand and reputation. Because of this, many sellers using Salehoo do not sell on their own website and then third party markets.

The number of products listed – While 1.6 million products sound like a lot, it doesn’t scratch the surface of 16 million products shipped by Worldwide Brands.

Why is Salehoo right for you?
If you’re trying to start a dropshipping business on the side to make a little extra cash, Salehoo is perfect. The money made from dropshipping could help you raise money to start your own ecommerce store with your own unique items.

Salehoo is obviously a great platform for people starting out in the world of e-commerce. Small minimum order quantities and a bunch of drop shippers mean you won’t have a lot of overhead. The training offered by Salehoo is also an added benefit and very available.

Why is Salehoo NOT for you?
Much like its competitors, Salehoo is not for you if you are someone who is serious about e-commerce and wants to start your own empire. There may be some success stories on Salehoo’s “Client X Who Made $ 100,000 a Month” page, but the truth is, it can take a long time to make serious money.

Final Words

Salehoo is a great platform for aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs looking to get started with drop shipping. If you don’t have your own warehouse and want to take it to the next level, Salehoo can accommodate you. Hope this Salehoo review has provided you with valuable information about the platform and can help you get your dropshipping business started! 


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